Monday, November 22, 2010

Review: Adios, Nirvana by Conrad Wesselhoeft

Adios, NirvanaAdios, Nirvana by Conrad Wesselhoeft
When you piss off a bridge into a snowstorm, it feels like you’re connecting with eternal things. Paying homage to something or someone. But who? The Druids? Walt Whitman? No, I pay homage to one person only, my brother, my twin. 
       In life. In death.
       Telemachus. Since the death of his brother, Jonathan’s been losing his grip on reality. Last year’s Best Young Poet and gifted guitarist is now Taft High School’s resident tortured artist, when he bothers to show up. He's on track to repeat eleventh grade, but his English teacher, his principal, and his crew of Thicks (who refuse to be seniors without him) won’t sit back and let him fail
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really want to give this book 4.5 out of 5 stars, but that's not an option. So I'm going to go with 4 leaning to the low side because of the ending. Not that it was bad, but I want MORE. Please.
I received this book from Net Galley.

This is a fantastic book told from a male point of view. In a recent conversation about young adult books told from the guy's point of view I agreed that they have been some of the best books this year. Adios, Nirvana doesn't disappoint.

There is so much goodness in this book. Once I got started I couldn't put it down. Jonathan is not your good 'ol quarterback. Instead he is hurting, from the loss of his brother. He's a poet, a musician, a lover of Walt Whitman,skater, and a teen trying to make it through the hardest year of his life.

What I loved: The intensity of Jonathan's break through. It wasn't your typical turning point- at least I didn't think so. Wesselhoelft masterfully wove artistic ability into a story that anyone can fall in love with. The characters, although not always physically descriptive, were written in a way that you still knew who they were and what they were about. I loved Jonathan's thicks. It took me a little while to get used to the term, but it was very fitting. There is no love triangle. In fact, the love aspect is so subtle- as I read I kept hoping for it, but was pleasantly surprised when it wasn't main stage.

Would I recommend it? Absolutely without a doubt. This ranks as one of my top ten this year. It was fresh and thought provoking. While emotional, it didn't go over board for me.

I'd like to add my two favorite quotes from the book. This isn't something I've done before but they stuck out to me and will probably stick with me for a while.

2. Float a turd.

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  1. YAY! YAY! I've had this for awhile but haven't gotten to it yet.
    Isn't it weird how we're so trained to look for romance these days in books??
    Can't wait to read it - could I be going for "5" great books in a row??
    Great review!

  2. It is weird that we are trained to look for romance. I'm glad though that I can read a book without and still enjoy the story. It was realy refreshing. Five in a row...would that mean the drought is over? :)


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