Tuesday, December 13, 2011

YA Sisterhood Heroine Tourney Match #14 AURA vs KAYLEE

So you remember the YA Crush Tourney that YA Sisterhood hosted this past summer?!? Well, now they are hosting the YA Tournament of Heroines. AND AND AND there's something super exciting...AURA from Jeri Smith-Ready's SHADE series is one of the heroines. She's seeded 14th and going up against Kaylee from Rachel Vincent's SOUL SCREAMERS series. The match is TODAY that's right TODAY.

Now take a break a go VOTE for AURA. While you're there make sure you read what Brooke (Aura's advocate) had to say because it's made of AWESOME. But WAIT come back here after you vote.

Welcome back!! There's more good news about this tournament. Because Jeri being the amazing person and author that she is always has goodies up for grab when her characters are in an event like this. For Zachary (YA Crush Tourney) she shared snippets, ARCs of SHINE, and so so so much more. GUESS WHAT?!?! She's already offering up some awesome stuff for Aura!

Now take a minute to go see what Jeri's giving away on her blog. Then find a friend and have them VOTE

Okay. Now did you read the part about the Poe House? NO? Well here's some information on the Poe House. The long and short of it is that Jeri is always doing things that help others, and this is no exception. The Poe House is in danger of being shut down because of cutbacks. SO Jeri will donate $10 for every 100 votes that Aura receives (up to 1000 votes). Karen at For What It's Worth is matching Jeri's donations and so am I.

Have you voted yet? No?!?! Why not? GO VOTE  but come back, I'm not done yet.

I'm not giving away anything specific for this round BUT I am still giving away a book from any author I spotlighted in the Hug An Author Blog Hop last week. Of course JERI is one of those authors. SOOO do you want to win Shade, Shift, or SHINE? Yes I will pre-order Shine. If you enter that giveaway I'll make your book (you have to add #AuraFTW to your entry comment) a personalized signed copy (sorry the signed copy is only for US entries).

If you've made it this far then let me recap

2. Check out Jeri Smith-Ready's blog for goodies she's giving away in Round 1. 
3. I am matching Jeri's donation to the Poe House. $10 for every 100 votes (up to 1000 votes)
4. Enter the HUG AN AUTHOR giveaway for a chance to win a book by Jeri--If you pick Shade, Shift, or Shine make sure to comment with #AuraFTW and I will make yours a signed copy (US only for signed copies). 
5. Check out Karen's giveaway at For What It's Worth


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