Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Blog Tour This or That with Katie from PIECES OF US by Margie Gelbwasser

I'm joined today by Katie from PIECES OF US by Margie Gelbwasser. Follow the blog tour hosted by The {Teen} Book Scene to meet other characters and learn more about Margie! 

Water skiing or lay out in the boat: 
Lay out and dream

Valentine's Day or St. Patrick's Day: 
It used to be Valentine's Day, but not anymore

Comic book or paper back: 
I rather draw than read

Early Bird or Night Owl: 
Definitely night. Who can sleep these days?

London or New York:
 Either. Bring on the cars, the crowds, the noise, the buzz.

Flip Flops or strappy sandals: 
Flip flops at the lake houses, strappy sandals for the cheerleading parties back home

Chapstick or lip gloss:
 Lip gloss, if it's the pretty sparkly kind, that leaves glitter on your lips

iPhone or Droid: 
Neither. They have too much power.

Lucky Charms or Froot Loops: 
Both, please. But smuggle them in. We don't have these in my house.

Ninjas or leprechauns: 
Ninjas are fierce. They can take someone down and disappear into the night. I need that power.

Writing Katie: Katie is the girl who has everything, until she doesn't. She is what happens when people abuse their power, and when women don't think they have a voice to say no. When I was in high school and college, some people spread rumors about me. There were no cell phones back then or Internet so they died much quicker than today. My situation was also very minimal compared to what Katie goes through, but it made me realize how much more dangerous rumors are now. How little control we have over people broadcasting what we do. What happens to Katie, happens to many teens today. Words are powerful but with FB, Twitter, etc. videos speak even louder.

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  1. Katie sounds like she has been doing and saying things that have gotten her into trouble. Ah well...I guess the whole "world is flat" syndrome that Facebook and twitter cause is a double-edged sword for those who do not wish all that much attention.


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