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Guest Author: TERRY SPEAR

I'm so excited to have Terry Spear on the blog today. She's celebrating her newest release in the Heart of the Wolf series: Silence of the Wolf. I absolutely adore this series and every one of the characters! Today's she's sharing her inspiration for Silence of the Wolf and her series.

To celebrate I'm giving away 1 copy of Silence of the Wolf. 1 winner, US and Canada only. The giveaway ends March 31st. Answer Terry's question in the comments for a chance to win. Don't forget to leave your email.

Life For the Silver Pack Just Got Wilder...

Elizabeth Wildwood has been a longer all her life, ostracized because of her "mixed" half-wolf, half-coyote blood. When she ventures into gray wolf territory on a dangerous quest of her own and his thrown together with the sexiest shifter she's ever met she begins to wish for the first time that she could be part of a family.

When this unusual shifter female comes into his pack's territory, it's Tom Silver's job to protect her—if only she would let him.

Praise for Silence of the Wolf:
“The outstanding and gripping plot of Spear’s latest installment in the Heart of the Wolf series will appeal to paranormal fans, and romance junkies will take delight in the red-hot love story embedded within.” —RT Book Reviews, 4 Stars

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Take it away, Terry!

Inspiration for the Series & Silence of the Wolf

Years ago when I started this series with Heart of the Wolf and for subsequent years, I was asked: why werewolves?

My very first love of wolves was the result of reading Jack London’s Call of the Wild and White Fang. My first love of shifter stories—though it was brought on by a witch’s curse, not a product of being the way he was just because—was the Norwegian folktale East of the Sun and West of the Moon, about a man turned into a polar bear by day and a man by night. He marries a girl who can’t look upon his human form or he will be a bear forever. And then much later, I loved Ladyhawk, a star-crossed lovers’ story, where he is cursed to be a wolf at night and she’s a hawk during the day. I watched Wolfman, and felt for the man who couldn’t control the beast, yet he loved a woman dearly.

And so when I had the notion of writing about a werewolf romance story, I already had a preconceived idea of how the world would work—

The wolves would be real wolves, but with a human thought process, too. As humans, they would still carry with them their wolfish instincts. They are not two different creatures, but two that are one and the same. They aren’t cursed—but either born this way or turned. So they accept who they are. The issues they have are not with being part wolf, but with other things that many humans deal with. And that makes them wolfishly human.

I wanted a Happily Ever After for the wolves, just like with real wolves, or people. So the packs were born. In the first four stories, I created four different packs. Then I began to expand on the second wolf pack in Destiny of the Wolf with the Silver wolf pack in Colorado. This pack is unique because they run their own town, and Tom Silver in Silence of the Wolf is the youngest brother to have his story told. In the third wolf pack—I created the SEAL wolves and Hunter’s Oregon coast pack, and so that continues. Leidolf’s wolf pack, in Seduced by the Wolf, is unique because they are primarily a red wolf pack rather than gray, and they live near Portland, Oregon. Then I started a Highland wolf pack with Heart of the Highland Wolf, and have continued with that series. So the only two lonely wolf packs out there that I really need to address is the pack that began the whole series with Heart of the Wolf, and the first book I did of an entirely Arctic wolf pack, where all the pack members are newly turned humans.

The series has continued to be a lot of fun, and I continue to get requests for new stories based on the characters in earlier books. When is this she-wolf going to get her mate? When are the babies coming? What happened to this wolf? I love it!

I asked on Facebook if anyone was interested in A Silver Wolf Christmas? The name is perfect, isn’t it? And it will be out in Oct, 2015. It seems appropriate. First, I have A SEAL Wolf Christmas, then A Highland Wolf Christmas, now A Silver Wolf Christmas (title may change)! See the pattern? These are Christmas stories for each of the major packs. Well, almost. Who’s missing? Leidolf’s red wolf pack. Our Arctic wolf pack. And Heart of the Wolf’s pack. So maybe in the future? Though I did also get a request for a Jaguar Christmas, too!

But for now, we’ve got Silence of the Wolf and hot Tom Silver who, when he gets with Elizabeth Wildwood, makes the snow melt beneath their feet with one hot kiss that goes viral in the pack!

If you’ve been following along with the series, which characters do you want to see more of and why?

Thank you so much for stopping by! I would love to see more Highland wolves, and the Arctic pack. Then again, I'm a fan of the Jaguars as well.

USA Today bestselling author Terry Spear has written over fifty paranormal romance novels and five medieval Highland historical romances. Her 2008 novel, Heart of the Wolf, was named a Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year (romance category). A retired officer of the U.S. Army Reserves, Terry creates award-winning teddy bears that have found homes all over the world. She lives in Texas. For more information, please visit


  1. More Maine wolves. I can consult on location. Wink!

    1. LOL, Steph! I need to learn where the pack should go. The biggest problem is if there is a gray pack there already. Do you have any idea?

  2. Thanks so much for having me, Jennifer! I'm on a trip and when I tried to comment yesterday on my laptop, it wouldn't let me. :( So today I tried Chrome and voila, got in!!! So let the party begin! :) Werewolves, Jaguars? What could be more fun to make the party just right?

    1. Finnicky blogger! I'm glad you were able to comment today. Let's party!!

    2. I agree! I have no trouble with my browsers on my home computer. :) But it's time to play!

  3. Leidolf's pack, he has always been my favorite.

    1. Thanks, Diane! I need to do more with his pack. :)

    2. I kind of love Leidolf. He's so confident and sure of himself. But then he's still mysterious too.

    3. I agree. That's the red pack that kind of got neglected. :)

  4. With every new book I fall in love with a new character. So I would love to see more of them all together with a celebration!!! Looking forward to your next book.

    1. Ahh, thanks so much, Diane! I love including snippets of other characters, too! :)


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